Risky click? Want off this planet now? What has been seen cannot be unseen, but it can be soothed.

Eyebleach, the antidote to the unexpected horrors and realities of the internet and the world we inhabit. We built this site to help soothe and relax the mind from the often unexpected visual stimulus that makes your toes curl up and your cheeks clench.

This site is divided into different categories of eyebleach, some other sites often focus on content which is NSFW, this site aims to eyebleach you with SFW and imagery suitable for children and those chained to their desks, for whom lady bits in public are not an option.

For those who want to use it as a wallpaper screensaver, we’ll be posting more updates soon if you’re already tired of the same images.

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Eye-bleach for those happily infatuated with images of the feline variety.

Here Kitteh »

Eye-bleach for those who are soothed by images of frolicking happy canines without a care in the world. Like you, before you saw that.. thing.

Rawf Ruff »

Eye-bleach for those of us whose eyes are quenched and satiated with visual stimulation of the female form and all the glory of the womanly body.

Mmm delicious »